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A lacewing larva attacks an aphid

Use our good bugs to control your plant pests!

Anyone who gardens knows of the many plant pests that can damage or destroy the plants so lovingly tended there. Throughout the ages people have searched for ways to manage these pests and now there are many options for growing healthy and productive plants.

This site is intended to give you tools and information on how to use beneficial insects to control plant pests. By exploring this site you will find information on the biology of many of our allies in the insect world, as well as the practical aspects of using these predators and parasites to keep your garden thriving.

Find out about ladybugs, lacewings, and praying mantises to learn how these predators make a living eating the bugs in your garden. Also, find out about how some ants interfere with these biological control agents. Sometimes a pest gets ahead of its predators and threatens serious damage to your plants; for this we usually recommend oil or soap, or, if the problem is a caterpillar, the biocontrol agent Bt

A tomato fruit worm digs into a ripe tomato

What? Bugs are interesting??

Because we find these insects fascinating, there is also information here on a wide range of insects that make their living consuming other insects, even if they don't control the pests of plants that don't affect us directly.

If you are curious about these bugs like we are, we encourage you to explore Earth's six legged inhabitants on the pages found in the Entomology link on the navigation bar to the left of the screen.

Also the Links page has a collection of other sites that can help you create and maintain you garden, so be sure to pursue this resource.