N. californicus Release Instructions

The predatory mites are effective against the Persea Mite, even though they are about the same size

  1. Enclosed you should find:
    1. The vial which contains about 10 teaspoons of ground-up corn cobs and food for the predators
    2. 1,000 active predators
    3. 10 French Fry bags
    4. Cold-Ice bag
  2. Take the bags and a stapler along with the vial to the first tree.
  3. Staple 2 or 3 leaves into a bag with the leaves touching the bottom of the bag as shown in the diagram.
  4. Gently rock the vial while rotating it for about one half to one minute.
  5. Remove the cap from the vial and place the paper plug in the first bag. Replace the cap and pour at least 1/2 of a teaspoon of material into the bag.
  6. Place your finger over the hole in the cap and gently rock the vial as you walk to the next tree.
  7. When the vial is empty place it in the last bag by itself. This will allow any predators left inside to move out onto the tree.
  8. Precaution: Place the bags where they will not be filled by water from the irrigation system. Bags should be oriented upward to avoid spilling their contents.

If you need to hold the predators overnight:

  1. Open the box but leave the vial with the predators in the stryofoam box.
  2. Place the Cold-Ice bag in the refrigerator (not the freezer) for an hour or two.
  3. Place the Cold-Ice bag back the stryofoam box with a layer of foam rubber between it and the vial.
  4. Tape the box shut.

Download these instructions as a PDF file.